​Swedish​​​ Massage and Reiki Massage


About Your Massage Therapist

In Swedish massage various therapeutic massage techniques are combined to manipulate the muscles, skin, and limbs to enhance body function, aid in the body's natural healing process, ease muscle tension, help reduce pain, reduce anxiety, encourage relaxation, and promote wellness. 

Regular massage therapy sessions may be very beneficial for the reduction of stress and pain relief.Each massage is performed according to the client's specific needs, Accordingly, your massage therapist will tailor your massage to your specific needs.

Jean Isaacs, LMT, your Massage Therapist, strives to help her clients reach a state of balance and serenity to facilitate the reduction of aches and pains as well as to promote the healing process of some injuries. Since becoming a massage therapist, Jean Isaacs has dedicated herself to provide excellent massage therapy services to her clients in the Lexington Kentucky area.


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Swedish Massage